Model Question Paper for RRB – ALP/Technician

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1. While doing a grinding work, a mechanic should use:

A. mask

B. dark glass screen

C. sun goggles

D. safety goggles.

2. A cutting tool used to cut internal threads is called:

A. die


C. reamer

D. drill

3. Copper and brass sheets are

A. hard and brittle

B. hard and ductile

C. malleable and ductile

D. malleable and brittle

4. Lead sheets are preferred for making:

A. pans

B. acid tanks

C. water tanks

D. oil tanks

5. Soldering is done on joints to improve:

A. tensile strength

B. resistivity

C. ductility

D. Conductivity

6. Micanite is:

A. an insulating liquid

B. an insulating solid sheet

C. a metal

D. a semiconductor

7. The resistance of a wire of 1 cm in length and 1 in cross-sectional area at room temperature (25’c) is called its:

A. voltage

B. conductivity

C. resistivity

D. resistance

8. Ohm’s law does not apply to:

A. conductors

B. insulators

C. semi-conductors

D. a.c. circuits

9. In a series circuit, the current is:

A. constant

B. Zero

C. Proportional to the resistnce

D. different in different resistors

10. The function of a dry cell is to convert:

A. chemical energy to mechanical energy

B. chemical energy to electrical energy

C.   electrical energy into mechanical energy

D. electrical energy into magnetic energy

11. Eddy-current loss can be minimized by:

A. decreasing the resistance of magnetic medium

B. increasing the resistance of magnetic medium

C. decreasing the permeability of magnetic medium

D. none of the above

12. The metric unit of magnetic field intensity is:

A. Weber

B. Gauss

C.  Tessla

D. Orested

13. The Power factor is defined as the ratio of:

A. volts amperes to watts

B. watts to volt amperes

C. volt amperes reactive to watts

D. watts to volt amperes reactive

14. The total capacitance of a group of capacitors is increased when they are connected in:

A. series

B. parallel

C. series-parallel

D. parallel-series

15. A transformer is used for changing the value of:

A. voltage

B. frequency

C. power

D. power factor

16. A good transformer oil should be free from:

A. sulpher

B. alkali

C. moisture

D all the above

17. The function of a diode can be compared with that of a:

A. fuse

B. relay

C. coil

D. switch

18. Which one of the following   LED emitts an invisible light:

A. Laser LED

B. Infra-red LED

C. Bicolour LED

D. Tricolour LED

19. In a shunt motor, a starter is used for:

A. speed control

B. back e.m.f. control

C. applied e.m.f. control

D. current control in the start

20. At the time of starting, the slip of an induction-motor is equal to:

A. infinite

B. unit

C. zero

D. none of these

21. Which type of motor is generally used in a portable electric blower?

A. Repulsion motor

B. Universal motor

C. Capacitor-run motor

D. Hysteresis motor

22. Turbine is a device which converts:

A. flow of water into kinetic energy

B. jet of steam into kinetic energy

C. chemical energy into kinetic energy

D. atomic energy into kinetic energy

23. A solar cell is based on a:

A. fuel

B. semi-conductor

C. conductor

D. insulator

24. Reciprocating pump is also known as:

A. jet pump

B. piston pump

C. centrifugal pump

D. submersible pump

25. BIOS is the part of-

A. Floppy disk

B. Mother board

C. Hard disk

D. none of them

26.Solve  2.8+28.8+2.88+0.2+0.28=?

A. 44.96

B. 33.96

C. 43.96

D. 34.96

27. Solve 24% of 6730=?

A. 1615.2

B. 1619.4

C. 1613.8

D. 1617.2

28. What type of device is a computer mouse?

A. Storage

B. Output

C. Software

D. Input.

E. Input/Output

29. The city of Nashik is situated on the bank of which one of the following rivers?

A. Krishna

B. Mandovi

C. Godavari

D. Tapi

30. Which one of the following days is observed as the World Environment Day?

A. 28th February

B. 4th March

C. 5th June

D. 16th September

31. A pulse transformer uses

A. Copper core

B. Iron core

C. Ferrite core

D.  Aire core

32.Grinding wheels are made by

A. Iron & Stone

B. Rod & Sand

C. Sand

D. Abrasive & Bond

33. The refrigerant used for plant is called

A. Carbon dioxide

B.  Ammonia

C. Methyl

D. Water.

34. The disc used in centrifugal pump is called

A. Disc


C. Fly disc.

D. Impeller.

35. Dogs are pieces of

A. Wood.

B. Wrought iron

C. Plastic

D. Rubber.

36. The central government gives grants – in – aid to the states out of the consolidated fund of india on the basis of the recommedations of the.

A. Planning commission.

B. Union finance minister.

C. Finance commission.

D. National development counsil.

37. The next term of the sequence 3, 14, 39, ….. is

A. 42.

B. 53.

C. 65.

D. 84.

38. Which is the capital of Jharkhand?


B. Patna.

C. Bhagalpur.

D. Dhanpad.

39. X and Y are brothers, C is sister of A. A is father of X. what is C of Y?


B. Aunt.

C. Nephew.

D. Niece.

40. A merchant marks his goods 40% above the cost price and sells them at a discount of 15% find his gain %

A. 25%

B. 22%


D. 20%

41. A light year is the unit of

A. Time.

B. distance.

C. speed of light.

D. intensity of light.

42. The number of time 2 is used while writing the numbers from 1 to 100 is.

A. 21.

B. 20.

C. 19.

D. 18.

43. Cyclist A started his journey on cylce at 7.30 am. at a speed of 8 km/hr. After 30 minutes, cyclist B started from the same place but with a speed of 10 km/hr. At what  did B overtake A ?

A. 8 a.m.

B. 10.a.m

C. 9. a.m

D. 9.30 a.m

44.  What does the letter ‘P’ denote in the term ‘PAN’ as used in financial transactions ?

A. Primary.

B. Partial.

C. Permanent.

D. Public.

45. 35% of Rama’s income is Rs.17,500. His income is

A. Rs. 52,500.

B. Rs. 27,000.

C. Rs. 50,000.

D. Rs. 1,00,000.

46.  In gas welding process, the gas used for combustion is

A. Nitrogen

B. Carbon di oxide.

C. oxigen

D. Acetylene.

47. In india, the electronic voting machine has be implented from the year of .

A. 1998.

B. 2000.

C. 1999.

D. 2002.

48. Opening above the door is called

A. Ventilator

B. window

C. Basement

D. Loft

49. The disc used in centrifugal pump is called

A. Logitudinal

B. Inclined

C. Axial

D. Conical

50. Impellers are made of

A. Brass

B. Copper

C. Iron

D. Aluminium


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